New nest box loft
We're in the spring-to-summer transition period right now.  Most of my flocks are resting right now while we get ourselves organized for summer. Our January chicks are being integrated into their originating flocks but it'll be a few more months before I anticipate having any new layers.

Broody fever is rampant and we're deep in the throes of spring cleaning. I've been sharing stories at "The Barnless Barnyard".  Enjoy!


A limited supply of purebred eggs are still for sale through BeakHouse.com

Chicks, turkey poults, ducklings, and keets of varying ages with more hatching weekly.

Also, this is an excellent time to hit us up for adult birds as we are rotating our breeding stock. Selling our birds has never been our forte. It's really hard to say goodbye to birds you've raised and cared for the same family of birds for several generations.  However, we recognize that realistically we only have space for so many animals and that many people out there would be absolutely thrilled to have these birds.
Call me directly to visit about what we have available. 785-550-3558