Gorgeous Colors

We have had an amazingly colorful fall that just seems to go on and on......

The Pirate Egg Projects are on track.  The challenge now is sorting out which pullet is laying which egg and then making decisions as to which birds to carry forward into the 2014 breeding programs.

Chocolate anyone? We've had a bit of confusion over how chocolate genes (both dun and sex-linked!) have infiltrated different project lineages and what to do about it.  I can't say I'm hating the look but I am having to do some test hatching to figure out what the heck we've actually got going on.

I've decided this is actually Zerya's first egg!
Zorie lays long thin blue eggs;
 ZERYA lays the olive eggs.
Zelda's eggs look just like her mother Orchid's;
alas...not shiny but definitely white pores on a pastel mint shell.
The rumpless girls have identical blue eggs.
Love the shine!


These are just some of my favorite pictures from this fall.  There are many more on the pinterest account.