Sparky's Story

In the summer of 2009, Renee's bird "Luna" hatched "Sparky" from an egg produced by Alison's birds "Spike and Barbie".  The next spring, Sparky left his city home with Renee and moved to be in the country with Alison because, well, Sparky crows.

High school friends and hard core "chickenistas", Renee and Alison have spent the last 1,500 or so days planning and building, sweating and swearing, soaked to the bone, frustrated and freezing in the snow and sleet, chasing stubborn ducks and nippy geese, climbing trees after turkeys in the dark, reading and re-reading while roosters crow at all hours of the day and night & chicks chirrup incessantly in our laundry rooms, guineas race back and forth on the roof, and peacocks shriek and honk...

 .....all for the one perfect moment of calm when a mere bird somehow makes time stand still.